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I have been in Watercolor,FL this past week and been having a great time with one my families that I use to work for.  It is always sweet when I get to reconnect with the kids and get to know them more.  I am thankful for this time and have been enjoying the sunshine.

There is a fun book store, Sundog Books, down here in Sea Side that I always make a stop at.  They have my favorite cards and always something new.  This year my friend Lindsey and I bought a great box of post cards.  I found a box like this last year by the same company “Happy Menocal” that has patter designs and so I got excited to see these animal prints!  The box includes 100 postcards that are designed by ten different artists.

I have always loved writing cards and sending mail along with receiving letters.  It always brings a smile and makes the day brighter knowing that someone was thinking about me.  If you walk into my room you will see many cards and post cards hung up as decoration.  Writing letters has become a lost art with technology and though I enjoy sending an e-card (Paperless Post is my favorite site for e-cards) or writing an email letter to friends cause with the hustle and bustle of life with kids it’s sometimes tricky to find time to talk on the phone or get together.

During the summer you sometimes need a break from being out in the sun and have some indoor activities on hand.  Having a stack of postcards is a fun indoor activity that ages 2+ can enjoy and will teach them many different things:

1. Teach kids to think about someone else

2. To pick out a card that someone else would enjoy and make feel special (this is a teachable moment on how we honor others)

3. For toddlers (2-3yr olds) this will help them learn their alphabet letters and though you will have to write the message out.  They can use markers, crayons or stickers to decorate the picture or to make a card to send.

4. For preschoolers (3-5 yrs old) this will help them with their alphabet letters, practice writing their letters, learning how to make words and the excitement of accomplishment.

5.  For school age (5+ yrs old) this will help them practice writing, sentence structure and keeping in touch with their friends from school.

6.  For you!  You can sit next to them and write a quick letter to one of your friends.  You get to be the example and when they see you excited about it and enjoying the time they will too!

Ideas of people to send to:

  • Friends
  • Grandparents
  • Cousins
  • Missionaries
  • Teachers
  • A child the family supports
  • Someone in the hospital
  • A get well card
Happy Summer!!