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I know I can’t speak on behalf of all nanny’s but for me transitioning jobs is hard.  I’ve had to do it four times in my nanny career and I usually have a thought “this time will be easier” but its not.  I’m going on my fifth transition and will be adding four new kids to my tribe of nannyhood.  I can’t believe i’ve gotten to be apart of 18 kids lives these past six years and still get to see them grow up.   As I’m processing and in a way grieving another change, I think I can relate most to foster moms.

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For me I am usually with a family for two to three years and once the kids are old enough to start school is when my position transitions out.  Which is so fun to be apart of these kids lives as they go from being infants/toddlers who are dependent on me to these awesome people who are wanting to be independent (not always ready to be though).  When I start working with a family that has infants and toddlers there is a deep connection that grows because they need me and I begin to love this child as if they were my own.  Soon after I begin to think ” I don’t know how I will do life with out them and not know the play by play of their days”.  The Lord uses these little people in my life to sanctify me and I realize they have taught me more than I ever could have imagined.  That over these few years the Lord has shaped my heart to love these kids so much it makes my heart hurt, I want to squeeze them so hard cause I just can’t get enough and many tears I have cried in prayers for each of them because in my deep core all I want for them is to know & love Jesus because that is the only thing that matters in life.

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As I transition there are many fears that pop up and I think, how am I going to be able to love a new set of kids the same way, are they going to like me, are they going to think i’m the mean one when I have to discipline, are we going to laugh together, how long will it take for them to trust me, am I going to lose touch with my previous family, will my “old” kids forget me, are these new kids going to call me “Mae Mae” too and how can I be intentional with all 22.

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Though transitions in life are hard no matter what the situation is, going from comfort to something new isn’t easy.  As I think back to when I was asking these same questions three years ago the Lord was nothing but faithful.  He some how graciously opens my heart a little wider and gives me a new love for each child and building trust with them will always take time.  Sooner or later they will begin to trust me a little bit and discipline in the moment is not fun for either of us, I will continue to cling to Hebrews 12 “discipline yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness”.  For a little while I know there will be hard days while we are creating boundaries and figuring out each others personalities.  Though there will be many days of sweat and tears (for both the kids and I), the Lord has always been faithful, my ever present help in time of need.  I know that these new kids are going to make me laugh and smile, I know that I will get to celebrate with these kids as they accomplish new things in life, they are going to make my heart hurt cause I have grown to love them so much,  deep in my spirit I will be praying that their ears would be inclined to hear the words of truth that are spoken over them, that they will also fall in love with their Savior and the things of this world would not be more enticing.

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Regarding my “old” families, I’m still going to be apart of their lives and just like any other relationship it takes being intentional.  Though it might only be once a month or every other month that I get to see them, the kids know me, love me and I get to be more like an aunt than a babysitter.  We get to catch up on life and I get to see these little people turn into people I want to be friends with.  I am so honored to have 22 children that I for some reason get the gift of being apart of their lives and seeing how the Lord will use their gifts and talents for His kingdom.  Plus, I have 5 best friends who I get to support as they continue to raise these awesome people.  I am so thankful for these moms who taught me and will continue to teach me, who have loved me so well and care about what the Lord is doing in my life.  I am forever grateful for their friendship.

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I am excited for the opportunity to continue to be in the nannyhood and to invest in a new family.  The Lord has big plans and it will be exciting to see what the new adventure ahead will be!

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Cheers to a new life chapter!

Blessings always follow obedience,

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