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Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Here is my nanny tip for the week…

One question I get often is how do I transition into nap time or bed time.  Those seem to be the trickiest times of the day cause kids love to throw a fit when they hear the words “lets get ready for bed”.  I love Jim Gaffigans stand up about having kids and what bed time looks like for them with four kiddos… I laugh so hard every time! (take 7 mins to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and watch the 7 min clip)

Reading two-three books is my go to for when getting ready for naps or bed.  I have the kids pick out which ever two they would like and lay down in their beds with them.  Depending how the room is set up and the amount of kids you have depends on how this would work for you.  During nap my kids would sleep in different rooms so I would do them individually, starting with the youngest.  When I was with the quads I would do one story each unless we decided to all read together on the couch then I would let them pick two to three depending on the length of the book.  By laying down with them this helps give their bodies time to just rest and calm down, plus they enjoy it cause they don’t have to go to bed right away.

I’m excited to announce that Modern Nannyhood has teamed up with Usborne Books to help you find great books that you and your kids will enjoy.  I have been reading Usborne books to kids for the past year and am a huge fan!  They have thousands of books to choose from and each one is made, illustrated and written beautifully!  They have something for all ages, reading levels and different fun activity books.

click on the link below to explore through what Usborne has to offer

Modern Nannyhood Usborne site

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Hope everyone has had a smooth transition into the new schedule of being back at school!

Happy Tuesday!

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