Hello, I’m Megan, I am a Texas girl living in Tennessee.  I am thankful that I am able to truly say “I love my job”.  I am a full time nanny to 5 awesome children.  Four of them are quadruplets.  I have been working with families for the past 9 years and 5 of those years have been full time.  I enjoy that everyday brings something different, that each child is so different and makes me laugh constantly, that I get tackled when I walk through the door and get kisses when I leave.

Why is “Mae Mae” (MAY-MAY) my blog name?  It all started about 4 years ago one of my kids was just learning how to talk and that’s what he started calling me.  I love having a nick name, something about them seem so endearing to me.  Its like a secret name only certain special people call you.  So I loved it and it just stuck.  As I continued working with several different families the name spread and so I am now known as Mae Mae.

I’m not starting this blog to say every family/nanny needs to do this or that.  This is totally my opinion and what has worked for me.  If it helps you then great, I’m thankful but I know that it doesn’t fit everyones “mold”.  Over time and being in countless homes I have learned that every family is different.  That routines are different.  That discipline is handled differently.  What children eat is different.  Though these things may be different I have also seen over the years what is the same.  That children like routine, that they need structure, there needs to be clear discipline expectations, they need to be outside playing, that they need to be shown physical affection, they need to be encouraged and shown grace.  That children love in big ways and if we look for teachable moments our lives will be changed as well.  As a nanny or a faithful babysitter your not only effecting the children’s lives but also the parents and their marriage.  It’s been a blessing to be able to learn from different wives on what that looks like to serve a husband and run a home.  To see healthy marriages and the reality of marriage that hollywood doesn’t show.

After graduating from the University of North Texas in Health Promotions & education I did not plan on Nannying becoming a career for me.  I am so thankful that it has become such a big part of my life and I love it!  I hope to get connected to more nannies out there and learn from ya’ll.  Just like moms needs each other to gain wisdom and support, I’m thinking we need it too…cheers to Nannyhood!

Join me as I experience new things with “my” kids, finding out what’s happening in the city for kids, finding fun kid toys and apps, what books children are loving, the best successful pinterest pins and learning to enjoy the glorious chaos.

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